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Re: 64 Megs of Memory... and could this be the hacker?

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Mon Oct 23 23:55:52 2000

>> >> ``maximum-prefix n p warning-only'' along with a log analyzer that
>> >> recognizes the warning, are perhaps a better pair of friends.
>> >How so? You recognize the warning, now what?
>> Deliver the notice to NOC personel, via whatever means. Perhaps they'll
>> terminate the session. Perhaps not. Granted in warning-only mode the
>> session won't come back up by itself.
>And how exactly is this better than a maximum-prefix clause which drops
>routes instead of dropping the session?

The previous, unquoted, message said that having the session drop
automatically wasn't always a desireable action.  I provided an

The external logic can be more complex than the logic present in IOS.  I
provided _one_ possible action.  It could very well shutdown the
session.  It could do many things, any of which would be custom and
could take into account the structure of the provider.

It's also possible to drop the warning-only clause, allowing IOS to drop
the BGP session _and_ have log watching tools do other things.