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Re: DOS Attacks and reliable network contact data.

  • From: Bruce Campbell
  • Date: Mon Oct 23 23:45:49 2000

On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, Brian Wallingford wrote:

> At the risk of sounding entirely un-politically correct, is it possible to
> query for actual contact information, vs. just company
> name?  Color me frustrated, but, even with the "/e" extension,
> has been nearly useless for many moons.  This strikes me as somewhat
> irresponsible.

It is entirely possibly to do such.  As described earlier, look for the
nic-handles that have been supplied in the JPNIC output, ie:

	a. [Network Number]   
	b. [Network Name]               ALLNET-CATV
	m. [Administrative Contact]     YO020JP     <----

Then, perform a specific query for that nic-handle 'YO020JP', ie:
$ whois -h YO020JP/e

	a. [JPNIC Handle]               YO020JP
	c. [Last, First]                Oishi, Yuichi
	d. [E-Mail]                     [email protected]
	g. [Organization]               TITUS COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION


The RIPE-style databases (RIPE, APNIC etc) provide you with the referenced
nic-handles (if available) as part of the output, as seperate database

The NSI-style databases (NSI, ARIN etc) embed the contact information in
the whois output, but you can (like other dbs, including JPNIC) request
contact details specifically if you know the nic-handle. 


Employed by, but not speaking for, APNIC.

> : predating NSI, APNIC and ARIN.  And no, there is no standard for
> : whois data that is published, let alone publishing at all.
> : > > 
> : > > :sigh:  I really wish we could get a common format for these.  
> : > > I really like the ripe style databases.