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Re: Service Provider Exchange requirements

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Sun Oct 22 18:36:17 2000

> I'll give a few more hints as to what I'm looking for.. 

	Did you answer my questions?  :)

> How about ethernet versus ATM?  With VLANs and high speed such as
> Gig/10Gig, I can get speed and one to many arrangements (at least for
> lower speeds).  Should Ethernet be point to point or optionally
> multiaccess in nature?  

	ATM is a fine edge technology for lower speed access.
	Ethernet is inherently "multiaccess" (can you say CSMA-CD?)

> Or, what about MPLS?  With MPLS, service provider connections can be
> established without concern for underlying media (e.g., ethernet,
> POS, ATM).

	Interoperable MPLS from hundreds of vendors?  Yeah right.
	IP on the other hand, has been implemented on everything
	from x25, ham-radio, Frame, ATM, leasedline, avian carrier,
	wet string, lamda, and many other "underlying" media. I 
	hear seismic waves are under test.

> Is Diff-Serv or ATM QoS a requirement or can 85-90% of requirements
> be met with loss/latency service as the baseline?

	Overprovisioning solves nearly all QoS concerns. There are
	very few QoS requirements.

> What special arrangements should be made for hosting (e.g., local
> caching or streamers)?  Yes, I'm stretching here a bit.

	Reassure your exchange clients that you are -NOT- in
	direct competition with them.
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> > What switching and/or service characteristics would you require
> > such that  an exchange point would be desirable (e.g., media types,
> > switch fabric,  route servers, multicast services, SLAs, ..)?
> > 
> Kind of depends on what you want out of your exchange and who your
> target marrket(s) are. Factor in budgets, (financial, space,
> environmental...)
> and you should have winnowed down the conceivable to the likely.
> Enjoy.
> - --bill
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