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Re: DOS Attacks and reliable network contact data.

  • From: Jason Slagle
  • Date: Sun Oct 22 16:06:45 2000

Yes, but even geektools falls flat on it's face for lets say

:sigh:  I really wish we could get a common format for these.  

I really like the ripe style databases.


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On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, Joe  Shaw wrote:

> Yes, there is.  Use the Geektools whois proxy at  You
> can also get the perl source and setup your own proxy, since they only
> allow something like 10 or so queries a day.  I've used their source in a
> few tools and have had no real problems with it.
> Of course, once the technological means are taken care of you still have
> to have reliable contact information in the database, and someone who'll
> actually read your complaint and respond in an acceptable amount of time.