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Re: DC Zoning Commission planning to limit carrier hotels?

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Fri Oct 20 17:24:20 2000

"John K. Doyle, Jr." wrote:

> Various cities in the Bay Area are rapidly enacting zoning
> ordnances. This isn't specific to data centers. The problem is that, out
> here at least, the .com explosion is of sufficient magnitude that it has a
> tendency to wipe out "business districts." What happens is that the .com
> companies are WAY better funded than your average shoe-shine stand, burger
> joint, or even neighborhood pharmacy. So, they can afford to pay way more
> rent than a traditional business can. Pretty soon, you look up and there
> is NO retail to be seen anywhere in the business district.
> Now imagine the ripple effect.

I've read about this phenomenon in the SFO area, although what I
read mentioned residential housing. (Several friends who live there
have confirmed what I've read).

Wouldn't it be better to enforce an anti-price-gouging law that
capped the amount of rent landlords could charge?

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