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Re: decreased caching efficiency?

  • From: Daniel Senie
  • Date: Fri Oct 20 10:52:17 2000

William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Dana Hudes wrote:
> >
> > I vehemently disagree with the statement that impressions do not make any sense,
> > only clickthroughs. There is such a thing as brand awareness, a situation where
> > a banner ad is good for itself even if it doesn't lead to click through.
> >
> Of course, in that case, the benefit is to the advertiser.  That is,
> they get the benefit, but you don't get paid.  Not my problem.

So, when Sears buys a full page advertisement in the Boston Globe, they should
get that for free, and only have to pay the Globe when someone shows up at
the door holding a copy of the ad?

Sears gains brand recognition through its ads in newspapers, on TV, and on
any other medium it employs.

Banner advertising impressions serve exactly this purpose.

For example, go to Yahoo and do a search on Honda automobiles. Do you think
it's a coincidence that the banner ad that shows is a Honda ad? Do you think
Yahoo only gets paid for that ad if someone clicks through it? What is it
about this medium which you think makes it so different from any other?

> That seems to follow "not make any sense", but YMMV.
> > It is NOT for YOU to decide what business model makes sense for MY
> > business relationship with MY advertisers.
> >
> Nope.  You can have any business relationship you'd like.  But,
> by the same token, it is not for *YOU* to decide that *I* have to
> pay to support YOUR business decision.
> Last time I looked, there's no constitutional right that
> guarantees that you can make money.

I wonder if you've told your customers that you do the equivalent of
clipping all the ads out of the newspaper you deliver to them? I don't
know that the courts will consider your arguments to be valid. I do
expect it'll be the courts that settle this.

ISPs claim the right to decide what traffic to pass over their wires. At
the point at which you start selectively editing that content (which is
essentially what's happening when you alter the content in some fashion)
you may well get yourself in trouble later.

> > I pay my ISP to carry IP packets around.
> But, you don't pay ME to carry your IP packets around.  My customers
> pay me.  I pay my upstream.  Therefore, I pay my upstream as little
> as possible.

And you've informed them that you filter and modify the information they
look at over the Internet, right? I don't recall seeing that in the
terms of service for the providers I use.

Daniel Senie                                        [email protected]
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