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Re: decreased caching efficiency?

  • From: Patrick Greenwell
  • Date: Thu Oct 19 12:50:22 2000

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Daniel Senie wrote:

> It might be worth thinking about the problem from the other end. From a
> web site owner's perspective, caching is a major annoyance. Here are the
> arguments you may encounter from a web site owner or web developer:
> 1. It interferes with content in many cases (web site visitors may see
> cached pages instead of current content). I know cache products claim
> this doesn't happen, but it has, and often.
> 2. The website owner loses information on how many visitors are coming
> to the site.
> 3. The website owner loses the demographics on where visitors are coming
> from, and especially the number of unique visitors. (It's not helpful to
> know that one cache engine visited, if that cache engine equated to
> 10,000 visits in an hour).

Hmmm... Anyone ever considered addressing this via some sort of log
passing protocol or somesuch?