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decreased caching efficiency?

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Thu Oct 19 10:38:44 2000

Hey gang,

Has anyone else around here noticed a decrease in caching efficiency over say,
the past year or so?  Seems we've seen a radical drop (order of magnitude).
Seems popular sites are using more and more entirely dynamic, rapidly
changing content..

If there's indeed a reduction in efficiency, caches simply introduce more
transactional latency and provide no benefit to offset cost.  What do people 
consider reasons to be to keep caching in the network?  Have caching 
infrastructures materialized as starting points for content distribution, or
have you guys ultimately rebuilt your infrastructure to serve that specific

Faced with high hw cost, licensing fees, and reduced efficiencies, it appears
business cases to keep the caches in the network (with all the effort and 
uglyness it takes to maintain exclude lists) seems difficult to make.


PS: if you feel there's a place better suited to discussing this, shoot me
    a pointer. thx.

Christian Kuhtz                                     Architecture,
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