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RE: Anyone heard anything Good or Bad about Juniper equipment ?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Oct 13 19:05:04 2000

On Fri, 13 October 2000, "Brett L. Hawn" wrote:
> Until of course they grow as large as the other big name competitor, then
> we'll see how well their service model scales.
> I like Juniper as much as the next person, this doesn't however, make me
> naieve enough to believe that they're going to be able to leap the customer
> support and technical support hurdles that all the other large companies
> have hit.

They probably won't.  But by that time, everyone hopes there will be a
new up-and-coming competitor.  The founders will probably be ex-employees
who got feed up with the bigness, and started the next company.

IBM -> Digital -> Compaq -> Dell -> ????

There are already several companies nipping at Juniper's heels.  This is
a good thing.

When companies start focusing on strategic architectures, alliances, and
certifying; they stop innovating.