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Re: New Peering Point Mailing Lists

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Wed Oct 11 12:15:59 2000

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000, Simon Lockhart wrote:
> >BTW, it would be *real* good if the NAP's and ISP's can provide more
> >traffic statistics. It may help the customers to decide where and whom
> >to join, and help people who want to have a better understanding about
> >the network. I recall we used to have more traffic data a few years ago,
> >now, there is almost none in US. Currently, from what I have seen
> >recently, NORDUnet ( is the best ISP by far that
> >provides detailed traffic information.... 
> I think you'll find that there's a few that are open (e.g. Abovenet 
> and ourselves [although we're not US based] 
> A lot of the big 
> corporates consider it confidential information (it gives away how 
> good/bad they are or something).

.. if it was good, there'd be press releases every week with it.

*snigger* ok, so I found that funny. :-)

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