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  • From: Steve Dispensa
  • Date: Wed Oct 11 07:42:42 2000

While we're on the topic, anybody heard of / had experience with these guys?


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Good idea.

People interested in information about various exchange points, such
as pricing, how much are cross-connects, who to contact, etc should start

It has links to essentially all of the functioning exchange points in the
world.  Most exchange points have web sites with contact information,
and sometimes pricing and other details.  I think more information is
better than less information.  On the other hand, it is very difficult
to keep lots of different places up to date.  Nevertheless, I'll end up
subscribing to any list which has information.

Disclaimer: I've run an XP in the past, and have a financial interest
in companies operating several XPs.

On Sun, 08 October 2000, Jeffrey Meltzer wrote:
> Correct.  I've created this list because in asking around a bit there
> wasn't a resource for public discussions for those not currently in
> the exchanges, and people seemed to not know where to post questions
> to. (inet-access, nanog, isp-lists, etc).
> They're not necessarily just for NANOG type 'outage' messages, but for
> general discussion on people looking for peers, finding out how much it
> costs for a cable run, who to contact for info, and other general
> chit-chat about the points.