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Re: New Peering Point Mailing Lists

  • From: Simon Lockhart
  • Date: Mon Oct 09 08:28:45 2000

>	There was some effort started at the last RIPE mtg to ensure that
>	(at least for the European Exchanges) this data was collected
>	and made available online. There are some issues with making 
>	such data available for US exchanges and I've not heard back
>	about Asian ones yet.  

I sometimes find it hard to comprehend the attitude of some suppliers. 
"Yes, we've got a service, that we might be able to sell to you, but we 
can't publicly tell you anything about it".

If the supplier doesn't wish to make that information public themselves, 
then I don't see that there can be a problem with their customers publicly 
saying how much they're paying/where they're connected/etc, as long as 
their contract with said supplier doesn't contain an NDA covering such 

> I expect that at least for the Euro
> sites, we will have online in the very near future the types
> of data you are looking for. 

That would be very useful, thanks!

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