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Re: New Peering Point Mailing Lists

  • From: Simon Lockhart
  • Date: Mon Oct 09 02:43:30 2000

>In my experience every public peering point has a mailing list
>associated with it. 

Indeed, but they tend to be related to operational issues (at least for 
the few I'm on).

>I'm less familar with mailing lists for
>XPs outside the US, but most also have a mailing list associated
>with each exchange point.

Certainly LINX and LoNAP in London do.

Where I see benefit in having independant lists about NAPs (in general, I 
think it's a bit premature to have separate lists for each NAP) if for 
gaining preliminary information about the NAP, for those people 
considering joining.

Whilst looking around for NAPs to join, the biggest problem I've found is 
gauging opinion of which are/aren't good NAPs, and also finding out any 
real information about the NAPs - including how to join them. The NAPs 
I've looked at so far have quite a range of information:

- No information/very hard to find: e.g. SprintNAP (I've found the ones 
run by telcos to be the worst)

- Some information, but sketchy and looks out of date, no contact 
information: e.g. MAE (although they seem to be updating it again now)

- More information, but "email us if you want more details": e.g. LoNAP 

- Fairly well documented: e.g. LINX ( - full information 
including joining criteria/costs, member list, architecture, etc.

Perhaps there is some merit (and this is something I've discussed Jeffrey 
Meltzer already) is expanding on Bill Manning's efforts to collect 
together a list of all the NAPs, and include basic information on 
architecture, location, costs, general information, etc for each of the 

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