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Re: Power Outage in Chicago Loop

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Oct 08 21:57:25 2000

I asked the "top" four ISP's, and none reported any problems nor
any other affects due to the power outage.  None reported any power
loss at all.

The Internet performance graphs at Matrix shows the world-wide
packet loss for the Internet and WWW sites doubled at the time
of the Chicago Loop lost power.  The packet loss increased from
about 3.9% to 7.9%.

The power anomaly (aka blackout) began at 12:45 CDT when a circuit
breaker exploded at the 828 S Jefferson Street Commonwealth Edison
power station, the resulting fire also damaged other breakers in the
station.  Power was interrupted between 24th and Chicago Ave; and
Lake Shore Drive and Ashland Ave. Power was fully restored shortly
after 6pm CDT. I believe this is the same substation which had problems
last year.  The Associated Press reported 12,000 direct customers
were affected.

The Chicago Tribune has a picture of the substation and fire on their
web site.,2669,ART-47366,FF.html