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Re: Effect of SS7 disruptions on dialup Internet access

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Sun Oct 08 03:27:18 2000

On 7 Oct 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

> A few questions.  I'm completing my paper on the effect of fiber cuts
> on the Internet, and I'm looking for a few data sources or SWAGs.
> How much Internet dialup is done via access banks connected to CLEC
> lines versus to Bell/ILEC lines?  

CLEC lines have grown, but I think more and more ISPs are becoming CLECs
and connecting their RAS box directly to the ILEC local tandems.
> What percentage of the CLEC Internet dialup ports depend on a third-party
> (i.e. Illuminet) SS7 data channel to complete the call between the
> typical residential/business user on an ILEC line and the ISP on a
> CLEC line?

I hope that there are not many people that are relying on Illuminet or any
SS7 provider that much. I don't see why you would not fall back to MF
and/or have more then 1 SS7 pair. If you are terminating IMTs directly
into your RAS box you may not have this option, but if you have a

> My theory is because many of the ISP ports have migrated off the ILEC
> networks onto CLECs they are impacted by a SS7 failure more than the
> traditional call traffic.  SS7 failures are very rare, but the two I know
> about disrupted dialup ISP access across huge geographic regions.

This is interesting, but now that so many ISPs are moving away from buying
PRIs and are connecting directly to the ILEC local tandems they may be at
much more risk.

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