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Unequal WAN bandwidth-balancing question.

  • From: Roland Dobbins
  • Date: Sat Oct 07 13:36:54 2000

I've a client who have a T1 and want to add a 100mb/sec microwave link
to my POP (Fast Ethernet-to-microwave bridge).  They've one router, a
36xx, with both Fast Ethernet and an internal Cisco DSU.   The microwave
portion is a breeze, but other aspects are giving me pause. 

At my POP, I have a Catalyst 5509 doing MPLS with a 7206 as the MLS-RP. 
The 7206 has a serial interface, and already has an external DSU plugged
into it.  The 7206/Catalyst combo is part of my OSPF backbone, area 0.

What's the best way to set up load-balancing across these unequal
links?  I've done OSPF with unequal paths using multiple routers, same
with EIGRP, but I'm unsure whether OSPF and/or EIGRP will support seeing
two distinct interfaces in the same router or router/switch combo as
being distinct neighbors.  With EIGRP, it's possible to load-balance
unequal paths so that no traffic goes through the higher-cost path
unless/until the lower-cost path goes down; does this work if both paths
happen to be attached to the same router?

I have total control of both routers, so I have no problem making the
customer's router a stub area in my OSPF IGP, or in letting their router
participate in EIGRP.

Any advice/comments/pointers would be greatly appreciated. 

 Roland Dobbins <[email protected]> // 818.535.5024 voice