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Re: Channelized T1's & Remote Access Routers

  • From: Roland Dobbins
  • Date: Fri Oct 06 19:45:26 2000

I've done something similar in the past by using external Adtran DSUs
with pass-through capability.  I set the channel-map in the DSU to pull
the channels out which are used for voice, FAX, etc. and get/pass them
from/to the PBX using a DSX-1 interface before they ever hit the V.35
interface which plugs into the back of the router.  

In this configuration, the router neither knows nor cares about the
channels which aren't used for data traffic.

Karyn Ulriksen wrote:
> I've been handling routing for web farms for quite a while and all my
> clients have leased lines (T1's, T3's, etc) and haven't done much in the way
> of dialup connects except for a portmaster here and there for backdoor
> stuff.  As a result, I'm a little dumb about basic dial-up access and
> equipment.
> What access router would I need to take in a channelized T1 that needs to
> have 6 of the lines split out for feeds to a fax server and the remaining
> used for dialup POPs?  I've been looking at the Ascend/Lucent SuperPipe 155
> and the Cisco 36xx and 53xx, but wonder if those can split out the fax
> server feeds I need from the T1.
> Any and all *constructive* feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.
> Karyn

 Roland Dobbins <[email protected]> // 818.535.5024 voice