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Redback routers

  • From: Brett L. Hawn
  • Date: Wed Oct 04 19:54:57 2000

I'm looking for some operational input on redback routers, specifically with
regards to use for DSL aggregation over ATM of which so far I've found
little information. My personal interaction with the Redback router has been
pretty much nil other than being told what a nice provisioning system it
has, and that at 70% utilization on the circuit it starts flaking. Now this
could be a very specific situation in as much as poorly configured router
(eg. lack of packet memory, munged config, etc) or it could be an issue with
the hardware itself, which is of course why I'm trying to dig up something
more than the standard 'our product really kicks butt' brochures from the

All of this being said, if anyone has experience with this sort of situation
or has pointers to better data I'd appreciate it.