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MAE-East funniness

  • From: Timothy Brown
  • Date: Wed Oct 04 13:13:32 2000

ObDisclaimer:  I might be crazy, misinformed, stupid, or clueless, since I
don't directly connect at East and have no prior background to move forward

Is there any funniness going on with interconnects between Gigaswitches at
East?  I'm trying to solve a customer connectivity problem (packet loss, 21%
over 5K packets) that passes between what appears to be giga5 and giga7, and
there is a significant amount of fingerpointing between the requisite
providers, one of which is suggesting that my customer try to get someone to
reroute the traffic to West.  Is there something in general I should know
about before I take the providers in question to task for not just fixing
the problem, if it's something that can be fixed, or is this something more
commonly accepted?