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Re: QAZ probes from webtv?

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Oct 03 21:55:10 2000

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Sami Juvonen wrote:

> Dan Hollis <[email protected]> wrote on Sun, 1 Oct 2000 20:08:03 -0700
> (PDT):
> > Anyone else seeing webtv probing your customers for QAZ?
> > The following webtv hosts seem to be probing our dialup customers port
> > tcp/7597:
> WebTV Networks is not probing for QAZ. 
> After reviewing the log files Dan Hollis provided, it appears that
> these packets are normal TCP communication between a WebTV terminal
> and the WebTV service. The client terminal initiates a connection,
> picking a random source port. The service is trying to establish a
> connection with the client using that port. This behavior is not 
> limited to WebTV. It appears that the packet from the service was
> caught in Dan's perimeter router ACL.
> Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about
> WebTV and security or network interoperability issues. Please see
> for contact information.
> Thank you,
> Sami Juvonen, Systems Engineer, 
> WebTV Networks, Operations Engineering 

So, Dan's ACL was trapping any TCP traffic destined to 7597 and not just

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc