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ICANN vote advocacy

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Sun Oct 01 06:35:04 2000


While I'm thinking about it, here's a bit of advocacy on ICANN board 
membership.  Of course, this may just cause folks to vote contrarily, 
but participating is important, so get out the vote!

I'm putting Karl Auerbach at the top.  He's the only one with technical, 
operational, and legal background.  I don't always agree with him on 
every issue, but he has both depth and breadth, and on that basis is 
the best choice.  He was nominated by popular acclaim.  He's also a 
genuinely caring fellow, and I just plain like him. 

My backups are Lyman Chapin and Barb Simon.  Thay are primarily technical, 
but have a long association with the Internet and lots of volunteer and 
professional committee and board experience.  Lyman is a former IAB Chair, 
giving him a bit of a boost in our community.  Barb is another nominee 
by popular acclaim.

Lessig is smart and principled, but his Q&A positions are almost 
identical to Auerbach's.  His legal depth may be greater.  And of course 
he has more name recognition than our technical choices.

So, those are my top choices.  I'm sure many of the others have fine 
attributes, but we only get to choose one person in this election.  I'm 
ranking the rest alphabetically.

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