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RE: Inventor of the Internet Technology / Father of Modern DayNe tworking

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Wed Sep 27 15:10:25 2000

*I* invented the modern internet -- see RFC 2235, 1990 entry.

The problem with the question is that by and large technical people
are not "people people" and hate giving credit where it's due and,
given a question like this, will mostly spout jealousy rather than
doing the much smarter thing by celebrating those among them who have
contributed and making sure their field gets their due accolades in
public for their accomplishments. They're just not, as a group, prone
to praising anyone but themself.

So all this question will evoke in this crowd are these sort of
shootdowns rather than the more positive and really completely
cost-free and painless "oh yes s/he contributed greatly to the
internet and should be noted for it!"

        -Barry Shein

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