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Re: Inventor of the Internet Technology / Father of Modern Day Networking

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Wed Sep 27 12:54:43 2000

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:28:21 PDT, Ehud Gavron said:
> Is there a person who invented the Internet, and is this person him?

Well, he may have invented the idea of packet switching, but note that
he was NOT one of the inventors of TCP/IP.

As with most other major advances, there was no one person who did ALL the
work.  Calculus was a joint effort, television was a joint effort, computers
were a joint effort.  And the Internet was a joint effort.

Look at the list of RFCs, and ask yourself whether Kleinrock would have
gotten anyplace without Vint Cerf, Jon Postel, Steve Crocker, or all the
OTHER people who did stuff early on....

				Valdis Kletnieks
				Operating Systems Analyst
				Virginia Tech

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