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Re: update

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Wed Sep 27 00:39:01 2000

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Todd Lyons wrote:

> John Fraizer wrote:
> > Liken it to the Gas company driving up and down your street with a sniffer
> > looking for leaks (SMURF amps) and someone walking up to every house in
> But do you not consider this the equivalent of using a lighter as the
> sniffer?
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"Well M'am... It looks like your new stove is all set.  Just one more
check.  [click] [click] <BOOM!>  OOPS... Sorry bout that.  We forgot to
set the 'no LP directed-explosion' command on your stove.  We'll get that
fixed right up."

Sorry... I couldn't resist.

I do understand where you may draw that conclusion however.  Testing
for the presence of gas (smurf amplifiers) with a sniffer (single ICMP
echo-request scan) is NOT the same as simply throwing a match at the gas
main (waiting for an attack). 

So, the simple answer to your question is no.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc