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Re: exponential route prefix growth, was: Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: nicholas harteau
  • Date: Sat Sep 23 00:05:35 2000

Conversely, I'm having a problem where I had some /24s associated with
some T1s from C&W via various ISPs that my company acquired, and when
those T1s were rolled into a DS3, C&W insisted on taking the /24s back
and is currently threatening to stop routing them.

Can't win.

Sean Donelan wrote:
> On Fri, 22 September 2000, John Fraizer wrote:
> > Who's forcing address space on customers?  It's like pulling teeth to get
> > address space from most of them!
> Cable&Wireless for one.  I worked with several customers who never used
> the /24's allocated by C&W, but even after repeatedly telling C&W we don't
> need them, C&W wouldn't take them back.  Every circuit came with a /24
> whether you needed it or not.

nicholas harteau
[email protected]