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RE: Renaissance Hotel full?

  • From: David Lesher
  • Date: Fri Sep 22 10:21:42 2000

Forwarded message:
> Silver Spring is not the best place to stay if you are interested in
> any type of food or entertainment. I would strongly suggest Bethesda
> or someplace in the city itself. Silver Spring can be a rather "risky"
> place at times.

I'm not recommending Silver Spring as a replacement
for Adams-Morgan.[1] But there are rooms available, it's
straightforward to get to, and you can take an awful lot of cabs
(if need be...) for the ($270-79) difference in room rates.

Bethesda is a far more trendy, and pricy, neighborhood.
I guess it depends on if you view the hotel as a place to sleep,
or a base of operations. There are lots of places to eat around DC
that have Metro access, and are not near hotels.

Silver Spring is IMHO no more "risky" than say Rockville. I've no
doubt that if you stagger around @ 3AM three sheets to the wind
in either place, you can get into trouble. Both are far safer
than The Hill after dark.

[1] A popular area with a diversity of ethnic restaurants. Woodley
Park/Zoo stop on the Red Line, then walk across the bridge or
take the shuttle bus.
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