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Re: Renaissance Hotel full?

  • From: David Lesher
  • Date: Thu Sep 21 13:01:41 2000

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Robert M. Enger said:
> You might wish to look at getting rooms in
> Bethesda, Md.   It is closer-in than Rockville,
> and has more restaurants than some western states.
> Silver Spring, Md is not nearly as nice as Bethesda, or even Rockville.
> The Washington subway system RED LINE makes
> a giant "U".  The line comes down from above Rockville, loops through downtown,
> and goes back out past Silver Spring.  From either end, you'll be traveling
> in the same direction as the "rush".  Expect to stand all the way downtown,
> and perhaps stand part way out in the evening.

All facts I can't disagree with. (Except standing; that's a iffy
one.) Silver Spring is NOT as nice; but the hotels I am thinking
of are not dives rather Ramada economy flavor, etc. And they are in
the <$100 area. Bethesda won't be.

Rosslyn is closer, on the other lines. It has Quality Inn's

The big issue may be the Metro stops at midnight.
Your partying schedule may be curtailed.

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