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RE: Root zone change --

  • From: rdobbins
  • Date: Tue Sep 19 21:01:19 2000

Since we've all complained loudly and longly at one time or another about
the dearth of any operational information at all coming from NSI, I don't
think it's necessarily polite or prudent to slap them down just when they're
becoming open with us.

I'm grateful to Mr. Verd for making the effort to inform network operators
of changes in the DNS infrastructure, and hope that he continues to do so.
The more information we have, the better we're able to react to changes,
troubleshoot problems, etc.  

In this particular case, I can see where information about root nameserver
changes might be of use in figuring out broken name resolution due to
caching issues, etc.

Kudos to NSI for letting us know about changes -before- they occur - keep up
the good work!

Roland Dobbins <[email protected]> // 818.535.5024 voice

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From: John Hawkinson [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: Randy Bush
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Subject: Re: Root zone change --

> while i appreciate you folk trying to be open and give us all some info,
> is not clear to me what you expect us to do with this info and therefore
> you post it.


	I appreciate knowing when the authoritative nameservers for the root
zone, and for zones like .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .EDU change.

> the only change that could occur that would require thought on my part
> seem to be if the iana announced a change of the ip address of one of the
> root servers.  am i not understanding something?

Even in that case, thought would be pretty limited.

I think this is more useful than most of the mail to nanog.
On some level, it serves as a "be on the lookout for problems
that might inadvertantly result," as well.