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  • From: Dave Plonka
  • Date: Mon Sep 11 10:36:54 2000

Just FYI,

Last week Friday (2000/09/08 ~0300 CDT), I noticed that
moved all of it's advertised server redirectors and servers to a
different network:

I'm just guessing they're only within the "/24"... the current route

The "old" list that I had been working with for detecting Napster flows
was this:,,,

Here's a useful source of info if you want to see where Napster and
work-alike servers are located, a list of "open" servers by IP

Anyway, apart from the questionable practice of using these IPs for
access-lists, this information is useful for some of us in the
measurement community to write detectors that are less likely to get
false hits, such as might happen when counting Napster traffic based
solely on TCP port numbers.

There's a post regarding the required change for FlowScan here:
General FlowScan Napster info is here:


[email protected]  ARS:N9HZF  Madison, WI