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Re: When IPv6 ... if ever?

  • From: smd
  • Date: Sun Sep 10 10:27:10 2000

Marshall Eubanks asks:

| What about wireless IP? Isn't everyone supposed to be forced to adopt IPv6
| once billions of mobile units start using it ?

So, the problem here is that the very smart doctors of the IETF observe
a number of people complaining about hunger pangs, because they cannot
get the number of ROUTABLE addresses that they want.

Enter IPv6, the Morphine of the Internet.  The bright side is that, like
morphine, it makes the patient much less hungry, but there are unpleasant
side-effects, and no added nutrition.  It also distracts one from real
problems by introducing an euphoric "solution" to a migraine headache.

Sure, you can have all the addresses you can ever want, and more, but
the fact is that they are not ROUTABLE addresses.   A 128-bit number is
no more useful than a 32-bit number if nobody can use it to contact you.

The unfortunate thing about IPv6-Morphine is that like any narcotic
one sees things in a dreamy, rosy state, tinted with denial.  Those good
doctors took away my pain, so they can take away any future pain too.
Oh, but alas, the fatal disease IPv4 users are faced with, namely the
failure of the global routing system to cope with increasingly complex
and increasingly dynamic network topology, is not cured by IPv6-Morphine,
it is EXACERBATED by it.

Like many narcotics junkies, the wireless folks are simply of the belief
that the dealers are their friends.