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Re: So is this service available out there ?

  • From: Jeff Ogden
  • Date: Fri Sep 08 08:12:37 2000

You might want to take a look at

I don't know anything more about this service other than what it says on the Web pages, but from that it would seem to be what you are looking for. They claim to be able to tell you:

Country from which user is accessing site
Geographic region within that country (i.e., state or province)
Name of user's origin network
User connection type: dial-up, DSL, ISDN or cable

Also, I can see how you could do the first three items, but I am at a loss on how one could do the last item with any accuracy. Any guesses?


At 5:09 PM -0500 9/7/00, Rick Irving wrote:
> Do you know of any service or database that
> will provide a relationship
> between Class C and major geographical regions?

 Anything public ?