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RE: Ameritech Service Quality Report

  • From: Richard Welty
  • Date: Wed Sep 06 10:34:45 2000

Shawn McMahon [mailto:[email protected]] wrote:
> They also were notorious for telling people "we've tested 
> your T1, and the
> problem is on your end" when they hadn't tested at all, then 
> when you pester
> them into testing again they suddenly find a problem on their end.

> Happened to me more than once.

on more than one occasion, when managing customer installs or
we've had Ameritech tell us that they can see the CPE and try and
their work done.

of course, we always include an appropriately timed step in our
where the CPE is disconnected and turned off, so we usually put an end
that right then and there.

it's kind of depressing that you have to presume that a critical vendor
is going to lie to you. on the other hand, it _is_ the  phone company.