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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting (fwd)

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Mon Sep 04 19:40:42 2000

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> This makes the assumption that it is in the best interests of the internet
> for only profitable or business organizations to control the address space,
> and that the almighty (insert your favorite currency) is directly tied
> to the common good.

That is the assumption.  While certainly not perfect, it's a much better
assumption than [insert your favorite government or government like
institution here] knows what's good for you or your organization better
than you do. 

> This assumption is false.  Capitalism suffers from a similar derivation of
> the root problem of socialism.  In socialism, there is little or no
> incentive to achieve, thus productivity suffers.  In capitalism, there
> is lots of incentive, but nothing ties that incentive to the common
> good or a long-term perspective.  Thus, you end up with things like
> the polution in TX, supposed environmental groups killing fish to
> keep them on the endangered list, etc.  I currently provide free services
> to a number of non-profit organizations.  I would not be able to afford
> to do that if my address space were commodotized.

So you are saying that I and thousands of other organizations around the
world should be forced to provide you resources whether or not they agree
with your opinions, goals, or mission?  If your for-free services are so
compelling, surely you wouldn't have any problem getting contributions
without resorting to governmental style force.

> The Internet is not a business.  The Internet is a tool used by and provided
> by several businesses and other non-business organizations.

Wrong.  There is no "Internet".  There are only hundreds of organizations
connected together under various arrangements to create a large
interconnected infrastructure.  A vast majority of those organizations are
for-profit businesses.

> Many other resources are not simply traded on the open market either. 
> In fact, government rationing of scarce resources is hardly a new thing. 

So since it has been proven not to work, we should continue to do it
because we fear change?

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