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Re: Ameritech Service Quality Report

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Mon Sep 04 14:58:31 2000

Nathan Stratton wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Steve Sobol wrote:
> > Irrelevant. Ameritech is getting spanked for not crediting customers
> > who have had outages; the cost of the SLA doesn't matter.
> Yes, but you need to have systems in place to get your credit. I.E. Covad
> is outside their SLA with us everyday, but they don't have systems in
> place to credit us. It cost us more time and money to fight with them over
> the money then it is worth.

That's not the issue with Ameritech, or at least they aren't saying in
public that that's the problem. Ameritech is whining that PUCO (the
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) is telling them that they owe a 
lot more in refunds then what they actually owe. It doesn't seem to
be a technical or policy issue in this case; they're arguing details.

Whether this involves consumers, corporate end-users, ISP's and
resellers, or any combination of the three groups, is information I
don't have. Obviously, if the fines are being levied as a result
of consumer complaints, there is no SLA involved.

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