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Re: bring sense to the ietf - volunteer for nomcom

  • From: smd
  • Date: Mon Sep 04 09:19:27 2000

| I don't know
| if operators are finding the IETF less useful

The IETF has at least since CIDRD not really been on the best
of terms with operators.   It is very clear that there is essentially
no conversation happening between operators and the IPNGWG, for example,
and there are other working groups which are nearly as out-of-touch with
operators' realities.

Moreover, the IESG and the IAB have generally also been bereft
of much operator input.

Volunteering for NOMCOMM and making sure operators have a chance
to influence the selection of the IESG and IAB may help bring
at least those bodies half a clue, and ideally help make the IETF
a little more relevant to those of us actually building the Internet
that those bodies seek to "standardize" and "architect".

The other alternative is to maintain a running P.R. war between
the I* organization which is simply wrong, and those of us who
have to explain to our investors why they are wrong.  That takes work too.