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Re: Ameritech Service Quality Report

  • From: Kevin Day
  • Date: Sun Sep 03 12:59:24 2000

> > > What I find interesting isn't Ameritech's long repair times, but how
> > > do providers promise 4 hour repair times when the dominant local loop
> > > provider takes over a day to fix something on a good day.
> > 
> > 	You're presuming they answer the phone.
> > 
> [... all too familiar story of ameritech sucking deleted ...]
> > 
> > 	Ameritech repair is useless.  While living and working in 
> > Michigan, I frequently had to go to the PSC over stupid issues
> > Ameritech should have been able to resolve quickly.
> Not to turn this thread into a Ameritech old war stories (I've got
> 'em though...), but...
> I plan either attending the one public commission meeting nearest to me
> eor at least writing the commission at the address provided from Sean's
> URL, and I'd encourage other Michiganders[1] who have been screwed over
> to do so as well.

If anyone here in Illinois is interested in doing something like this for
Ameritech, I'd be interested in joining up.

I've had T1's down for WEEKS, and am currently down because of a missed
install date after we moved. They told me the lines were up, we packed up,
moved, then found out "Oops, we didn't actually finish the install.". 

-- Kevin