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Re: When IPv6 ... if ever?

  • From: Dave Morton
  • Date: Sat Sep 02 17:31:11 2000

[email protected] wrote:
> If I charge a customer more for IPv6 connectivity than for IPv4
> connectivity, to offset the costs of dealing with ships-in-the-night
> routing (deploying it, training everyone to understand it), do you
> think my entire customer base is going to transition over to IPv6?
> Ask yourself, as an ISP, how much more you are willing to pay your
> transit providers for IPv4 + IPv6 transit, and how you are going
> to get the money for that and for the deployment/retraining costs.
> Then ask yourself, as an ISP, what benefit you get from IPv6.
> My answers: not a chance, none, and zero, respectively.
>         Sean.

Now we're hitting the nail on the head. Well said Doran !!