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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Fri Sep 01 22:25:48 2000

Okay, if one is to assume the new ARIN policy is defacto, and consider
that the policy is in part to keep people from justifying more space than
they need, what is to keep nefarious parties from:

Each with a unique IP. How would ARIN know and should it CARE whether
those are 5 obsolete 386 servers that are load balanced or one guy faking
his allocation? What are they going to want to verify discrete machines,
MAC addresses?

If a requestor has many customers like that, are they going to make
decisions about how much redundancy one can offer their customers? Or that
they should implement entire websites on a single server instead of two or

Maybe I am looking into this too seriously. One could always create 10000
/30's and put a server at the end of them and call them customer PTP

Deepak Jain