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Re: Request for assistance

  • From: Josh Richards
  • Date: Fri Sep 01 17:25:03 2000

* John Smaling <[email protected]> [20000901 13:09]:
> --
> This is not intended to be SPAM, but a legitimate request for advice.  An
> organization I work for, holds a registered full class 'B' address range.
> Since we are moving to an RFC 1918 based addressing scheme, we are looking
> to "sell" the rights to utilize our class 'B'.  Having no experience with
> this, I can only assume that perhaps a secondary tier ISP may have an
> interest in this, but I have no idea where to begin, or if this has value at
> all.  Can someone provide me with some advice relative to what types of
> organizations might be interested in such a purchase, who they might be, and
> any other pertinent information.  I'm aware that ARIN provides this type of
> thing for a price, that they publish on their Web site.  I'd like to
> reiterate that I'm not looking for buyers through this forum, but advice on
> how I might go about pursuing this.

Oh no!  You've haven't been reading the list this week have you?  I'm sure 
you'll get a few other responses though.  Probably from web hosting 
companies... j/k ;-)

It is generally frowned upon to re-assign your Class B space to another party,


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