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RE: IPv6 allocatin (was Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting)

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Fri Sep 01 16:09:26 2000

> > When, do you think, will IPv6 come someywhere close to being
> > significantly deployed?
> When IPv6 offers something end users or ISPs value over IPv4+NAT.

Hah, interesting thought! :-)  Perhaps we should push for people to use the
IPv4+NAT kludge, which may turn around and fuel IPv6 deployment as people
discover the crippled functionality with widespread deployment.  Two seperately
NAT'ed hosts don't communicate enough today for more than a "priviledge few" to
discover all the issues with it.

Then again, I don't believe pain is the best way to induce change, but it does
seem to work remarkably efficient at times.

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