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Re: [Fwd: USWest]

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 18:19:11 2000

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> U S WEST ISOps is very concerned that its services and products
> not be used to harass others, abuse the network or interfere
> with other users' enjoyment of the Internet.  We apologize
> that this situation has occurred.

Sure you are.

> Unfortunately, your message does not appear to include the full
> message headers. Without the full message headers, especially the
> "Received" lines, we can not investigate this issue.

Not a problem.  Next time it happens, I'll see just how much hate your can
swallow before it blows up.  I'm willing to bet that
we have more than enough capacity to get your attention.  Perhaps
THAN you will be able to "further investigate" the issue.

Ya'll have fun with your little SPAM friendly network, ya hear?

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc