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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Alec H. Peterson
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 13:54:46 2000

[email protected] wrote:
> So who actually goes to these things, and was the new policy a later
> result of discussions at the meeting, or was there actually some sort of
> vote at the meeting?  

There was a count-of-hands vote at either the member or public policy
meeeting (I don't remember which one offhand, as it was a while ago).  The
issue had been discussed by the AC extensively, and we generally decided
that we needed to bring the issue to the members before we could decide what
the issue was.  Interestingly enough the membership was more gung-ho on the
idea than the AC was.

> i.e. was the policy decision made by one of the ARIN
> boards or by the ARIN members?  Since ARIN subscription customers are, by
> default, ARIN members, will we be given the opportunity to vote or at
> least express an opinion on such issues via proxy in the future, or do we
> have to send a representative in order for our voice to be heard?

The board is the only group that can actually enact new policy at ARIN.

As I have been on the ARIN AC since it started, I can say from experience
that the board has to date only enacted policy that either or both of the AC
or the membership has discussed and reached some sort of concensus on.

I realize that is a somewhat indirect answer to your question, but based on
what I've said I think you can draw your own conclusions.

> Why would ARIN announce a new policy with completely vague rules?  

Because ARIN does not presume to know of every single possible legitimate
exception to its rules.  This was part of what was discussed at the meeting
in Calgary.  If you think it should be more specific then perhaps you should
participate at the meeting in Herndon.


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