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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Thomas Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 13:50:41 2000

Steve Sobol wrote:

> Jim Mercer wrote:
> > > > it's the last alphanumeric token in a string delimited by dots.
> > >
> > > And it doesn't exist anywhere except Windows.
> >
> > untrue.
> >
> > just think how crippled make(1) would be without extensions.
> DOS and Windows do NOT consider the extension to be part of
> the filename. In DOS, make.exe is made up of the filename "make",
> and the extension "exe". In Unix and MacOS, "make.exe" represents
> a filename "make.exe". The concept of the file extension doesn't exist
> as it does in DOS.
> Now that I think about it, though, VMS has file extensions, doesn't
> it? (Been a while since I last used VMS.) I don't know if the extensions
> are treated the way DOS and Windows treats extensions, though.
> --

In VMS (whihc is what DOS is based on AFAIK)
the file name is name.ext;N (where N is the version number, which is incremented
each time you save the file). Made for very easy simple minded configuration control,
so that foo.exe;23 is the 23rd executable of the program foo.c

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