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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Josh Richards
  • Date: Thu Aug 31 04:19:31 2000

* [email protected] <[email protected]> [20000830 21:56]:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Richard Jimmerson wrote:
> > The policy does state ARIN will accept IP-based hosting 
> > as justification for an allocation if an exception is 
> > warranted. ARIN is looking to the community to define 
> > these exceptions and finds the discussions being held 
> > here to be very helpful. This information will be included
> Why would ARIN announce a new policy with completely vague rules?  Nobody
> knows what constitutes a valid exception.  Apparently, even ARIN doesn't
> know yet.  If I were applying for an increased allocation today, who would
> decide if the thousands of IPs that we and our customers have used for IP
> based virtual hosts are a valid or wasteful use of IPs?..the individual at
> ARIN processing our request?
> > These discussions may create changes to the current 
> > policy, perhaps by clearly defining a list of exceptions, 
> > or may even eliminate the new policy altogether. Your 
> > feedback on this mailing list and at the upcoming public 
> > policy meeting is important.
> So a policy was announced before it was fully fleshed out.  It may get
> fleshed...or it may get flushed.  What was the point?  Are you just trying
> to rattle the cages of every ISP in NA to see how many reactions you can
> get?

That is *exactly* my reaction.  There are intelligent people at ARIN no 
doubt, but somebody dropped the ball on this one.  If you put aside the 
disagreements of the who, what, why of IP-based vs. name-based virtual 
hosting the fact still remains that it is inconceivable to me that ARIN could
create this policy without at least going through the thought process of what
might constitute a valid exception *before* putting the rule actually into 
place.  It's great that they're asking for feedback....but why now?  W(hy)TF 
didn't this happen before putting the rule into effect?

It makes me wonder what sort of procedures/criteria/training ARIN is actually
providing to the individuals that handle the approval process..  Does anyone
at ARIN realize that people, their own employees, have to enforce these rules?
In order to enforce antyhing it has to be clearly spelled out.  I sure hope 
they're not just expecting their employees to determine "valid exceptions" 
arbitrarily?  That's not fair to anybody--employee, customer, or themselves 
(since it makes them all look incompetent).

I do believe the core intent was *good*.  The analysis and solution they came 
up with is questionable though.  And the execution even worse.  

At the same time, I have this itching thought in the back of my head that makes
me question how much I have a right to complain...being as how I haven't 
attempted to participate in ARIN politics.  My defense is that I'm an optimist
and was/am expecting a certain level of competence out of the people involved
with ARIN that make these decisions.  Perhaps that isn't the correct point
of view for me to have...  


Josh Richards [JTR38/JR539-ARIN]
<[email protected]/>
Geek Research LLC
IP Network Engineering and Consulting

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