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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting (fwd)

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Wed Aug 30 18:04:50 2000

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000, Deepak Jain wrote:

> > 
> > By what justification does this poorly-thought-out policy interfere with
> > business models or competitive advantages between hosts?
> I have never seen ARIN give one hoot about business models, especially
> when it comes to using more IPs than they think is necessary. 

On one side you have pure business drives, on the other you have pure
'internet-good' drives. So far I haven't seen anyone suggest a useful
middle ground.

Personally I don't like people in the way of getting my IPs, but I'm
all for someone figuring out a solution to virtual hosting and QoS

Shifting goal-posts just makes our jobs more fun. :-)



(disclaimer: I don't work for a layer-7 switch company and I don't have
 anything to sell.)

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