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RE: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting (fwd)

  • From: sigma
  • Date: Wed Aug 30 13:35:07 2000

>No, but I've done due diligence to minimize the requirement and have created
>an environment that is directed towards minimization.  As far as the concern
>regarding using a "premium", last I checked this is a commercial venture.  

Most of us are running commercial ventures.  Consequently, we don't
appreciate your interpretation of the policy to allow your business model
but disallow others.  The implication is that your model is more valid
because you charge extra for something.  ARIN policy has no place in
deciding such matters.  Your interpretation may be wrong, or it may not.
There isn't enough information from the ARIN policy to determine those
ramifications, just like they skipped over all of the other per-IP services
that are commonly associated with Web hosting.

>> By what justification does this poorly-thought-out policy 
>> interfere with
>> business models or competitive advantages between hosts?
>Could you clarify what you are asking here?

I'm rhetorically asking if it's acceptable for ARIN policies to identify
one business model as preferable over another, and if so, why.  I'll keep
that question to the ARIN lists in the future, however, as it's not
operational (only the impact of such policy is operational).

>> Great for your customers, then.
>They butter my bread.  Gotta keep them happy.

Same here.

>> Are you proposing to circumvent the policy?
>Uh... No.  I just accept the challenge of doing more with less.  I'm always
>game for problem solving, that's why I do what I do.  That's why they pay me
>the big bucks.

I was accused of proposing to circumvent the policy.  I do not propose
that, and I'm glad you don't either.  Although your interpretation is your
own.  What I and many others would like to see is a more clear and
reasonable policy from ARIN.

We do provide anonymous FTP service with every per-IP domain.  It's part of
the service.  It's not a premium.  Many customers use it.  Many customers
use other virtualized services we provide by default as well.  If that gets
us an exception from ARIN, and I'm not at all certain it will, that's great
for us, but it still isn't fair to other hosts.