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Re: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: multics
  • Date: Tue Aug 29 22:39:43 2000

> >From the ARIN site:
> "The name-based system of virtual webhosting used by many ISPs today
> allows multiple domains to be hosted by a single IP address. While some
> organizations use IP-based webhosting to, in part, justify their requests
> for IP space, ARIN will no longer accept IP-based hosting as justification
> for an allocation unless an exception is warranted. The ARIN Instructions
> for Using Name-based Virtual Webhosting may be a helpful tool in setting
> up, converting to, and using name-based hosting."
> Name-based virtual hosting does not work in many, MANY cases.  Beyond
> this, if you have multiple customers on a single IP address and one of
> them is an idiot and spamvertizes their website, several providers have a
> policy of nullrouting the /32.  Now, not only does it kill a single site
> but, potentially hundreds!
> ---
> John Fraizer
> EnterZone, Inc

That might be an advantage in fighting spam.  Think of the potential
lawsuits against the hosting company and the spammer for loss of business
from the spam block.  The hosting company should not have accepted a
spammer or as soon as they are known to be a spammer, they must take
action to prevent loss of business to the non-spammer customers ;)

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