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Re: Formal study: How many points networks share

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Aug 29 02:24:04 2000

 On 28 Aug 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

> ACRI wasn't one of the names normally associated with inside the beltway
> research projects.  SAIC or Mitre are more likely candidates.  Before they
> bought a $700 toilet seat, I was hoping someone had already done it. But
> it looks like its an open research project.

SAIC is a very interesting group of people.  During my dealings inside the
beltway, I met quite a few "spooky" type people who all carried SAIC
business cards.

I knew something was fishy (SPOOKy) when they opened a HUGE (10K+ sqft)
office in Martinsburg, WV.  For those of you who haven't ever visited
Martinsburg, imagine Mayberry and Gomer and Goober being your
greatest technilogical assets in the town.  Not exactly the high-tech
capitol of the world.  Why would SAIC like it there?  It's an easy place
to train handlers, etc.  Beyond that, what have it away?  Biometric access
in 1990 perhaps?

I know this is going to shuffle me back to the top of a few lists but,
what the hell.  I'm feeling lonely and I have this exhibitionist thing
going on.  Watch me all you like guys!