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Re: Formal study: How many points networks share

  • From: batz
  • Date: Mon Aug 28 16:44:36 2000

On 26 Aug 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

:Have any providers done a formal study of how many points they share
:in common with other networks?  I know most providers consider their
:competition, if nothing else for how peering will be done.  There
:seems to be a tremendous amount of overlap between networks.  Almost
:every major network map looks identical.  And there are some third-party
:consultants selling network maps.  But I was wondering if anyone had
:a formal study from "the horses mouth."

I missed the discussion from a few weeks ago, but is this for physical 
network maps? 

If not, couldn't this be done using routing tables, RAdb 
information, and some geometry a la CAIDA? 

Aren't most accurate physical network maps borderline classified for the
most part? 

Many network maps include a PVC they use from a Tier-1 provider as part
of a 'physical' infrastructure, which would cause their network map to 
be conspicuously similar to that of their transit provider. 

CAIDA's AS connectivity maps are the closest thing to a study that I have