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Re: Formal study: How many points networks share

  • From: Jonathon Plonka
  • Date: Sun Aug 27 02:17:17 2000

I would support this.


On Sat, 26 Aug 2000 22:19:17 -0700, Randy Bush <[email protected]> wrote:

>> Almost every major network map looks identical.
>this is less true for the real maps than those from marketing departments
>and third party dealers in bumph.  yes, providers are in all the same
>places, at least in the states.  but the details of how they get there, how
>they do redundancy, how they handle wet paths, ... differ non-trivially.
>but, to your basic question, i am not aware of anyone doing non-fluff
>studies of where everyone inter-connects.  hard to do as all the majors'
>inter-connections are under nda.
>but i imagine that we would all be willing to reveal under nda to a trusted
>research group such as acri, if their result would be well anonymized.  but
>many of us would all have to send letters to each other giving notice etc.
>messy, but may be worth it for quality research.
>hey vern, pull your head out of sigcom and think about this one.